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The President of the UK Football Federation Greg Clarke said that the leagues remaining in the halfway due to the anti-corona virus are not completed.

The new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) emitted in the Vuhan city connected to the state of China’s Hubey province (Kovid-19) has exceeded 471 thousand.

ERU Veterinary Faculty Dean Professor who explained the news that is effective in the world, which is effective in the world. Dr. Ali Bold Font is not a scientifically low assumption of the genres of the corona virus and the transfer of the dog from the dog to the dog.

The South Asian Country in Bangladesh was reported to the prison of the official instruction for the execution of the penature of Islamic Party of the IMHRAM.

In Karabük, the churches, medical and pharmacies were launched against the price increase in the price of the corona virus.

Mersin (iha) â € ‘Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Selects Vahap, the Metropolitan Assembly asked the Assembly of TL 250 million in November 2019, to make approval from the assembly of the provincial bank or commercial banks. He chooses, ‘our reason for us, the SSI and finance debts to get rid of it before,’ he said.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality by the Culture and Social Affairs Department, 8 March International Women’s Day, ‘One day’ theater show was staged.

Industry and Technology Minister Varank, ‘We are coordinated with our manufacturers in relation to medical and protective materials. Let our citizens have the heart of the best. We will never permit to form blackboards. ‘ said.

The Russian Ambassador andrey Karlov assassin has asked the prosecutor 5 defendants twelve, and 3 defendants, and the 3 defendants had an aggravated geebbet confinement.

Within the scope of the investigation carried out by the Republic of the Republic of the Republic, the fetullahıner Terrorist Organization of the Fetullahılı Terrorist Organization (FETI-PDI) in the parallel state structure (FETI-PDI) in the parallel state structure (FETI-PDY) in the parallel state structure (FETI-PDY) was the decision to capture about 11 suspects for the organization’s cryptic communication program bylock users.

In foreign language education, new practices are introduced every year and the traditional Gaziantep College Foundation Private Schools 15. Gkvelt Conference Explained that the Foreign Languages ​​Department is held in March 21, 2020, expressed their intensive participation.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Muski General Directorate of Directorate of Muski was carried out by 2020 as of February 2020.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu thanked the conservator of Greece, Latvia, Lithuanian Ministers and Albanian Foreign Affairs, which he published their life in Van.

Old TBMM President and AK Party Izmir Deputy Binali Yıldırım: – ‘We need to take our right to the world’s leading countries. Enter the target between 10 major countries of the world. When we look back and look at 17 years, we see that our next 17 years will be at a much greater success’

The building collapsed 1 months ago for urban transformation in Istanbul Bahcelievler. The study was initiated against the possibility of being someone under the debris. Bahdanlievler Bahadır Bahadır, said the cause of collapse was the removal of column iron.

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